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March 10, 2020 5 min read

Our favourite day of the year is happening this week!  World Sleep Day  is on this Friday, 13th March and we’ve got some exciting plans in the works to celebrate and promote this year’s theme “Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet!”

When we think about making changes to improve our health and wellbeing, we usually think about the food we eat, the exercise we do and the way we spend our time, and sure, these things have a big impact on our everyday health and wellbeing.  But we often don't think about our sleep health and how we can make improvements to help us get a better night’s rest, which in turn can improve our overall health.

When we sleep, our bodies go into rest and repair mode, rebuilding the wear and tear we’ve inflicted on our bodies during the previous day as we went around our daily tasks.  This is nothing to be alarmed about, it’s simply what our amazing bodies do! Without good, healthy, deep sleep each night, our bodies are unable to effectively rest and repair and we go into the next day in a state of sub-optimal health.  Without healthy, restful sleep over days, weeks and months, you can imagine the toll this takes on our bodies.  

As parents, we need to be functioning at our best to care for our children in the best way possible and likewise, our children need good sleep habits so that they can grow and develop, exploring the world around them and enjoying good, wholesome play!

So with a better night’s sleep we make better decisions and can interact with our world in a more positive way, allowing us to have a positive, mindful impact on our planet’s future.  

This Friday will be especially important for Baby Loves Sleep as our founder, Malou, has been appointed as a delegate for World Sleep Day by the World Sleep Society!  After many years of helping parents around the world, and their babies, to get a good night’s rest, this is wonderful recognition of her passion for ensuring families are able to get the rest they need each night.



To celebrate World Sleep Day, Baby Loves Sleep has partnered with some incredible Australian and New Zealand brands to create a one-of-a-kind Ultimate Sleep Pack to be won by one of our amazing fans!

Here’s what’s inside:

World Sleep Day 2020 - Baby Loves Sleep Baby to Toddler Pack

The unique sleep suits from Baby Loves Sleep help to calm your baby’s startle reflex so they can feel safe and secure throughout their sleep without waking.  The Sleepy Hugs sleep suit is specifically designed to assist with making the transition from swaddling to free arms without parents of baby losing sleep.


  • an Aroma Snooze, cool mist diffuser, vaporiser and white noise sleep machine from Snotty Noses Australia (value $115)   

World Sleep Day 2020 - Aroma Snooze sleep aid

The Aroma Snooze is a game-changer for creating the optimum surroundings for sleep.  This ultrasonic cool mist diffuser has a built in ionizer to eliminate allergens, bacteria and pollen from the air to promote deep sleep and healthy digestion.  It’s red light function promotes the production of melatonin for deep, restful sleep and unique sound therapy settings, including a built-in voice recorder encourages your child to drift off to sleep gently and easily.


  • An Ultimate Kip Pack from Kippins (value $200)

 World Sleep Day 2020 - Kippins Ultimate Pack

This Kip Pack contains 2 adorable Kippin cuddle blankies, a welcome friend that reminds your child that they can fall asleep happily and easily on their own, and that you are never far away.  Plus a Kipping Tales bedtime book, a pyjama set and all natural sleep balm.  

  • A beautiful Lulla Doll to calm your baby to sleep from Sleepytot NZ (value $110)

World Sleep Day 2020 - Lulla Doll

The Lulla Doll is the next best thing to sleeping next to a parent all night long!  With a built-in 8 hour recording of a mum’s heartbeat and breathing, this award-winning sleep aid is perfect to gently soothe babies, toddlers and older children during sleep times.


  • The middle of the night life saving Sleepytot comforter/dummy holder from Sleep Tight Babies (value $99.90)   

World Sleep Day 2020 - Sleepytot comforter

No more dummy runs in the middle of the night! This brilliant comforter/dummy holder to help your child enjoy a long, restful sleep.


  • sleep consultation package (45min phone consult) + Kindle version of the Sleep Play Love book, from Shae Cox at Sleep Play Love (value $150)  

World Sleep Day 2020 - Sleep Play Love sleep consultation

We all know that babies are going to wake through the night, but if you get to the stage where you need a little extra help to find some normality, a sleep consultant will be your best friend.  Baby Loves Sleep has had a long relationship with Sleep Play Love and we have a list of recommended sleep consultants so you can find the help you need, when you need it.


World Sleep Day - Rockit

When you’ve got a little one that will only be rocked to sleep, the Rocket Pram Rocker can take over when you need your hands back!  


  • The invaluable Blackout Sleep & Sun Cover for airline bassinets, prams and strollers from CoziGo (value $99.95) 

World Sleep Day 2020 - Cozigo

When you find yourself away from home at your child’s sleep time, it can be stressful for you and your baby.  CoziGo helps to create a calm, cozy and dark sleep environment for your child, decreasing stress and helping your child to drift off to sleep easily in aeroplane bassinets and on the go in their pram.


  • voucher for the sweetest cloth nappies and accessories from Bare & Boho value $100)

World Sleep Day 2020 - Bare and Boho cloth nappies

Beautiful designer cloth nappies that suit your minimal lifestyle?  Bare & Boho have just what you are looking for. Made with organic fabrics and featuring specially commissioned artworks, modern cloth nappies have never felt or looked so good.  With a curated collection of reusable wares to complement their modern cloth nappy range, you’ll find wonderful eco-friendly products for your parenting life.


  • A super-comfy baby feeding pillow from Feeding Friend (value $60) 

World Sleep Day 2020 - Feeding Friend feeding pillow

A full tummy always helps your baby to sleep restfully and the Feeding Friend helps to keep you both comfortable throughout bottle and breastfeeding.  This ingenious self-inflating feeding pillow is completely portable and supports a range of different feeding positions, so however your child feels like feeding, you can fill them up for a restful sleep time.


  • voucher for a gorgeous, modern playmat from Little WIWA (valued at $100)

World Sleep Day 2020 - Little WIWA playmat

Create a wonderfully cosy and welcoming playspace for your child to enjoy during their waking hours, encouraging them to explore their surroundings in a safe and comfortable way.  Little Wiwa playmats are waterproof, soft, thick and beautifully designed for modern interiors, making them the perfect addition to your child’s play area.  

Restful sleep is important for our health and while we can’t always get a full 8 hours every night as a new parent, we can do what we can to help our children rest well, which in turn helps us to sleep better too.
We hope that you find the sleep solution that you and your family need to improve your sleep and your everyday life.



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