Frequently Asked Questions

About the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit

Patent Pending Design

The SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit is an Australian designed product, created by a real mum based on real experiences.  The SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit has a number of patent applications pending in Australia, USA and Canada.

Baby Safety Approved

Our SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit has the INPAA tick of approval.  INPAA is a privately owned and operated organisation, and the key representative body in the Australian nursery industry. Its primary objective is to lead the development of safer nursery products and to promote the safe consumer use of products and to encourage suppliers to develop infant nursery products that are safe in design and that will be safely used by consumers. INPAA operates in close conjunction with groups such as SIDS & Kids, Kidsafe and the Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative (ACRI).  

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All our SLEEPY HUGS sleep suits are made using only the highest quality materials sourced overseas. Cotton is a natural material, it is breathable so babies won't sweat or overheat and is suitable for eczema.


TOG Rating

The SLEEPY HUGS sleep suits have been tested by Bureau Veritas UK and have passed British Standard 8510: 2009 Clause 7 (Thermal Resistance) and are TOG rated a follows:

  • Autumn/Winter (.7) TOG
  • All Year Round (.6) TOG


Care Instructions

The SLEEPY HUGS sleep suits are best washed in cold machine wash, and best washed with the zip done up, wash dark colours separately, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, dry flat, warm iron inside out, do not dry clean, do not place iron directly on print.


Size Guide

Our SLEEPY HUGS sleep suits come in four sizes:

  • X-Small (0-12 weeks) - suitable for babies aged from newborn to 12 weeks, weighing 3 - 6 kg. The arm width is approx. 46cm, the length is approx. 56cm and the neck hole is approx. 9cm.

  • Small (3-6 months) - suitable for babies aged from 3 months onwards weighing 6 - 8 kg. The arm width is approx. 56cm, the length is approx. 65cm and the neck hole is approx. 11cm.

  • Medium (6-12 months) - suitable for babies aged from 6 months onwards, weighing 8 - 10 kg. The arm width is approx. 65cm, the length is approx. 75cm and the neck hole is approx. 13cm.

  • Large (12+ months) - suitable for babies 12 months and beyond, weighing over 10 kg. The arm width is approx. 75cm and the length is approx. 86cm. The size Large gives full range of movement and is for babies that like the comfort that the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit gives, but no longer requires the arm resistance.


What to wear under the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit?

Below is a guide for what baby can wear depending on the season:

  • Winter - baby should wear a singlet, gro-suit/wondersuit under the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit. If your baby already uses a tog rated sleeping bag, you can have this on top of the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit to ensure baby is warm. Alternatively, cotton blankets on top is also fine. In super chilly nights, it is best to keep baby's room temperature between 20-21C. As long as baby is dressed in natural cotton or bamboo clothing and their sleeping bag and blankets are also made of natural materials, they will not sweat or overheat.

  • Summer - baby can simply wear a singlet and nappy/diaper under the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit to ensure they are not too hot . With soaring temperatures, it is best to keep baby's room temperature between 18-20C. Avoid dressing baby in synthetic or un-natural materials including bedding as this will cause them to sweat and overheat.


How do I know if the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit is right for my baby?

The best guide to knowing if the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit is the next step for your baby - is none other than your baby. Apart from the obvious signs that your baby is no longer sleeping as well as they used to, here are some signs to watch for:

  • Tummy roller - when your baby starts rolling onto their tummy and they are still fully swaddled. This can pose a safety hazard.
    The SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit is the perfect solution for tummy rollers as the free arm movement allows baby to use their arms naturally to allow themselves to roll-back.
  • Escape artist - when your baby starts breaking out of their swaddle and/or the swaddle is no longer able to give them the security and comfort they need.
    Although many babies love the feeling of being swaddled, many of them hate having their arms restricted tightly against their bodies. The SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit gives them that feeling of enclosure without the restriction of a swaddle wrap.
  • Cat-napper - when your baby starts waking more frequently and is unable to resettle back to sleep, and/or they are waking upset.  
    It is well known that babies go through periods of sleep regression and may experience periods of severe startle reflex, which is what causes them to wake up feeling upset (due to feeling a loss of security).  The SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit gives them the feeling of security and comfort and can help them self settle back to sleep.


How/why does the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit work?

In essence, the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit has been designed to allow your baby to move their arms freely while still providing an enclosed, secure feeling that they enjoy. It is designed as a totally enclosed sleep suit but with a slight resistance in the arms so that they can move their arms around freely yet gives them that 'edge' feeling. So, when they experience a startle reflex, they immediately feel secure.


Shipping and Returns

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