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Aroma Haven - Humidifier - Diffuser

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A smart humidifier and diffuser packed full of features, the Aroma-Haven is praised for its large output Humidifying function and the unique built-in humidistat function.

When the smart humidifier is activated, the mist will automatically pause and resume as required to balance an ideal room humidity level.

Boasting a large 1.8L water capacity and covering up to 250m2, the Aroma Haven can be used in all rooms of the home.

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  • High Mist Output covering up to 250m2
  • Smart Humidifier Feature will automatically pause and resume mist as required to maintain ideal air humidity.
  • Use in bedrooms, living rooms, nursery
  • Low, Med, High Mist out put.
  • Easy and safe to use, No heat source
  • Ultrasonic cool mist technology
  • 1.8 water capacity
  • Long Mist Duration up to 24 hours
  • Optional 2,4 & 8 Hour Timer
  • Auto switch off when minimal water level is reached
  • Minimalistic light feature provides  red light for sleep.
  • Diffuse your favourite essential oils

Product specifications:

  • 43.8mm x 151.8mm x 304mm
  • Voltage: DC 32V
  • Power:24W

Aroma-Haven is a smart humidifier and diffuser that has a large output Humidifying function with built-in humidistat function.
How does a Humidifer work?

When you’re looking for a solution to the dry air inside of your home and the symptoms it causes, a humidifier is probably the best option.

Humidifiers are especially popular in cooler months when  heaters and air conditioners are used more often, and tend to exacerbate the dry air problems.

Humidifiers can help reduce some of the potential effects of dry air, including sore throats, chronic runny nose, nose bleeds, asthma flare ups, sinus congestion and even snoring.

When the air is dry, your respiratory system is not happy. Your skin and nasal passages get dry – all the way down to your lungs. You can wake up with a dry mouth and start coughing for no reason. This can create breathing issues in all ages including babies. young children and adults.

The Aroma-Haven uses advanced ultrasonic technology which vibrates the water at 2.4million hertz per second to immediately turn water to a fine vapor and that is released into the atmosphere, travelling up to 250m2.  The Aroma-Haven's smart humidifier technology will automatically pause and resume the mist as required, creating the perfect air environment year round.

Plus you can still add essential oils to the Aroma-Haven water and benefits from the essential oils being dispersed into the atmosphere and breathing in their health and wellbeing properties.

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