Original - Sleepy Eyes (.6 TOG)

Made from soft natural breathable cotton, the SLEEPY HUGS sleep sack has fully enclosed arms helps prevent scratching, great for eczema. The wide-sack design makes it hip-friendly and fits a hip dysplasia brace.  It has a top zipper cover to protect delicate skin and a bottom opening zipper for easy nappy changes.

The SLEEPY HUGS is designed to be a looser fit than most other swaddle suits and is most effective in helping your baby adjust to free arms with the correct size.  The SLEEPY HUGS is all about the arm span so it’s important to choose the correct size. If too big, your baby will not get the security and snug fit that they still need.  

Please check our SIZE GUIDE to help you choose the correct size for your baby.


    Visit our FAQ section for information about how to know if the SLEEPY HUGS is right for your baby, TOG ratings, what to wear under the SLEEPY HUGS and other useful information.

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