Slightly Imperfect - Cross on Grey (Summer)


These slightly imperfect sleep suits are no different to our full priced version except for a couple of curly stitching that you might not even notice.

Made from soft natural breathable cotton, the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit has fully enclosed arms helping to prevent scratching, great for eczema. The wide-sack design makes it hip-friendly and fits a hip dysplasia brace.  It has a top zipper cover to protect delicate skin and a bottom opening zipper for easy nappy changes.

Size Guide

The SLEEPY HUGS sleep suits come in three sizes:

  • Small (3-6 mths) - suitable for babies under 6 months (suitable from 3 months onwards) weighing 6 - 8 kg. The arm width is approx. 56cm, the length is approx. 65cm and the neck hole is approx. 11cm.
  • Medium (6-12 mths) - suitable for babies 6 - 12 months, weighing 8 - 10 kg. The arm width is approx. 65cm, the length is approx. 75cm and the neck hole is approx. 13cm.
  • Large (12+ mths) - suitable for babies 12 months and beyond, weighing over 10 kg. The arm width is approx. 75cm and the length is approx. 86cm. The size Large gives full range of movement and is for babies that like the comfort that the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit gives, but no longer requires the arm resistance.

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