• Keep Your Baby Sleeping Just Right During the Cold Chilly Winter

    Keep Your Baby Sleeping Just Right During the Cold Chilly Winter

    Dressing babies for sleep time for the chilly winter nights can sometimes be tricky—after all they can't exactly tell you if they're too hot, too cold or just right. As parents we can either overdo it or unintentionally under dress our babies.   For newborns especially, its important to get this right.  Over dressing could potentially run the risk of overheating and under dressing could mean loss of precious calories, especially in the early weeks when you're trying to increase or maintain precious caloric weight gain. Did you know that newborns use up precious calories to retain body heat?   A newborn’s body temperature...

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  • Coping with Startle Reflex

    Coping with Startle Reflex

    You know that all too familiar story where your baby has fallen asleep in your arms. Then you carefully lean over the cot and lower them down and as soon as you move away — boom they’re awake and screaming hysterically as if you’re tossing them down a mine shaft. Or worse, you actually manage to settle them to sleep and they’re completely still and before you know it they twitch or jerk and flail their arms about. Boom, they’re awake.  Well, that’s startle reflex for you. For many babies, this scenario happens constantly and creates a cycle of poor sleeping patterns...

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  • The SLEEPY HUGS Story

    The SLEEPY HUGS Story

    The SLEEPY HUGS® story is not dissimilar to many other baby sleep products out in the market.  However, its unique design comes from years of testing many products that claim to help your baby sleep better.  Of course, while some of these products work for some babies, they either didn't work for mine or I had needed to add/combine other things to improve their effectiveness.  So, I decided to create a product that combined a number of features and functions where other products fell short. The SLEEPY HUGS® sleep suit is based upon the premise that most babies love to be swaddled...

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