The Sleepy Hugs sleep suit gives comfort and security to your baby when they have outgrown swaddling, allowing them to sleep deeper, for longer.


From the creator of the SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit

Good, deep, restful sleep is the goal of every parent with a small child.  It was forever my goal and I know that there are many parents and babies losing sleep as they search for the solution to transitioning their child from swaddling to swaddle-free.  While my babies loved being swaddled, there came a time when their escaping arms and constant waking was wearing me down.  

The SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit gives parents and their babies the relief of good, restful sleep as they move on from full swaddling.  Let Sleepy Hugs bring calm and restful sleep back to you and your baby.


Startle Reflex

Babies while asleep are in a state of dream sleep (REM).  The state of dream sleep occurs in about 50% of a newborn's sleep.  During this sleep, your baby's eyes dart back and forth under their eyelids, while the rest of their body is very still.  They will have the occasional twitch and may do little jerks in their sleep known as the startle reflex or 'moro' reflex.


Relaxed to Hysterical in .6 seconds

The startle or 'moro' reflex is one of many reflexes that babies are born with and is part of their defence 'fight or flight' mechanism.  It is an automatic reaction to a loud noise, or the sensation of falling and causes the baby to be startled and flail their arms sidewards/upwards then immediately bringing their arms to their chest in the foetal position.  So if that baby is falling asleep and suddenly has a startle reflex, it will go from relaxed to hysterical in .6 seconds and when their arms move about, they no longer feel the safe environment of the womb -  the edges of their little world.


Good News! It goes away 

The good news is that the startle reflex usually disappears after around 3 or 4 months, but this may be later for some babies.  Hence, why we are encouraged to swaddle babies from birth until the startle reflex has disappeared.


Bad News: Swaddling No Longer Works

However, some babies enjoy the security of being swaddled long after the startle reflex has disappeared and they are able to escape their arms with Houdini-like skill.  Other babies develop the ability to roll over whilst in their swaddle, which poses a safety risk.  Many babies are uncomfortable being unswaddled and need some form of security and comfort around them while they sleep.


Free Range Movement

The Sleepy Hugs sleep suit has been designed to allow your baby to move their arms freely while still providing the enclosed, secure feeling that they enjoy.  It is designed with slight resistance in the arms so that they can move freely, yet there is comfort and security to calm the startle reflex.


Tried and Tested

Swaddling was wonderful for my babies for the first few months, until they no longer wanted that restriction.  Unfortunately, they were also not ready for full freedom.  Baby Loves Sleep gave them the freedom of movement and enclosed security that they needed to sleep well again.



The SLEEPY HUGS sleep suit was what gave my baby, and many others that have tried it, that secure feeling and improved sleep that was so much needed.  And as we all know, a sleeping baby is a happy baby and a happy baby is a happy family!

We hope the Baby Loves Sleep suit gives your baby, and you, the sweet, deep sleep you need.


The Sleepy Hugs Family