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Frequently Asked Questions

Designed and manufactured in Germany to European standards, this award-winning, and patented product can turn any room into the perfect sleep sanctuary by temporarily blackening out windows in seconds.

  • Cut to size for smaller windows, or overlap to ensure all window spaces are covered.
  • Using only static, this patented material needs no glue, no suction caps or sticky tape. Just gently tear off a sheet and it attaches directly to the window. No mess, no fuss.
  • Sleepy Sundays Instant Blackout is packaged on a roll with its own travel bag perfect for life on the move. Each roll contains 25 sheets (600mm x 800m) of statically charged polypropylene blackout material. Usually enough to cover 12 standard double sized windows.

Anyone looking for more rest! In particular new babies and mum’s establishing sleep routines. Babies and toddlers who love to wake up as early as possible, or the little sleep rejecters who refuse to nap in the day or go to sleep in the evening due to too much sunlight.

  • Perfect for travelers who want to play up late and sleep in later! Renters, sailors, trailer vans, camper vans and even photographers and movie watchers who want to create the perfect darkroom.
  • Cameramen and film producers either on location or in the studio. No gaffer tape required, using only static on windows, walls, and ceilings. Quick and simple for blocking out all light or darkening rooms on set.
  • Shift workers, uni-students, nurses, taxi drivers and non-9-5’s who need to catch up on zzz’s.
  • Members of the Australian homeless community who receive funding from every roll of Sleepy Sundays Instant Blackout blind sold.

Designed as a temporary blackout solution, Sleepy Sundays' Instant Blackout should not be applied to the windows permanently.

It can be applied to any flat, standard, clear (non-frosted), single glazed windows. Installed when needed, and removed again once nap time is over. Each sheet can be stored on a hard, flat surface until needed again. This will help keep the static in the blackout sheets. 

  • For safety, the material should cover the entire window surface. This ensures the temperature of the window remains stable across the surface. It’s a very low risk, however, we need to flag it to prevent any windows from cracking.
  • Sleepy Sundays Instant Blackout should not be used on laminated, patterned, wired, opaque or velux glass surfaces. 
  • SAFETY INFORMATION: Sleepy Sundays has been designed as temporary blackout solution. Please do not leave on permanently or in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Before application, please ensure your windows are undamaged (no chips, cracks, weak or damaged edges), this is super important as in our warm climate using on these windows may cause thermal damage to the glass.
  • The reason we advise that the material is taken off after each nap is to allow the glass to flex and adapt to any temperature changes that may occur. When windows are in direct sunlight, the glass panels will expand, and then as they cool, the windows contract. If there’s a cover over the top of the glass then sometimes this can prevent the window from being able to expand and contract as it usually would causing thermal stress.
  • DISCLAIMER: We're  always happy to answer any questions you may have, so please read above notes for glass compatibility, or reach out if you're not sure.  
    Please note, that Sleepy Sundays Pty Ltd will not be held liable for any damage caused to glass from our blackout film being used incorrectly. 

The technology in the Aroma Snooze uses mere mililiters of water dispersed as a cool mist, and produces zero condensation, while the ultrasonic technology creates healthy anions to improve the air quality, the same anions you find abundant in nature where the air is clean and fresh.

When you want to create the healthiest, safest, soothing, and ambient environment for you baby or child, use the Aroma-Snooze sleep aid into their nursery or bedroom for peace of mind for the whole family.

Sleepy Sundays Instant Blackout Blinds are super easy to install and create a complete blackout.

  • Store your Sleepy Sundays Instant Blackout Blinds in a cool, dry place until needed. Each roll contains 25 sheets of 600mm x 800mm instant blackout material.
  • Ensure your window is clean and free from dust and sticky fingerprints.
  • Gently tear or cut along the perforation line, cut to size for smaller windows, or overlap on larger window surfaces to create complete darkness in seconds. Ensure the entire window is completely covered leaving no gaps.
  • Once no longer required, simply remove from the window, save for later, or recycle. The material is 100% recyclable.

**Please note, when cleaning windows please don't use any product that is designed to leave a film on the glass (eg Windex) as this may impact the static charge and prevent the sheets from clinging well.  

The Sleepy Sundays blackout is not made from PVC, or thick plastic like some other blackout products, it shouldn’t cause condensation or mould on the windows.

Our material is an eco-friendly statically charged poly so it won’t encourage any mould unlike some of the corn starch or PVC materials, but as it only uses static to cling, the window surface does need to be totally dry for it to work. 

Sometimes in winter an anti-humidifier can help with condensation too. Unlike the thick PVC film, we advise removing the blackout regularly and storing either flat on a wall, or inside a cupboard door and then just popping back up at nap time. That way you can let some light into the room and give the windows a chance to breathe too.

When installed correctly onto clean, dry windows the static can hold for months – even in hot and humid conditions. Sleepy Sundays Instant Blackout material is designed for temporary use, and should not be left on windows permanently or in prolonged direct sunlight. It’s quick and easy to install and remove, so can be taken down in the mornings and put back up when it’s snooze time.

  • The static can be re-charged by rubbing over it with a micro-fiber or nylon cloth allowing each sheet to be reused if necessary. If using again the same day, store flat on a wall or door when not in use, or if needed at a later date, roll up and put back in the travel bag until needed.
  • The sheets will crease over time with exposure to the sun and depending on how much care is taken, each sheet should be able to be re-used and re-charged at least 3 times.
  • Once finished with each sheet, discard in your recycle bin as the material is 100% recyclable.

Sleepy Sundays are made from a statically charged polypropylene material. It will stick to any smooth, flat glass surface without the need of an adhesive. No glue, no suction caps, no water or tape, just static.

  • The blackout material won’t leave any residue on your windows, however, we do state that for safety, the material should cover the entire window surface and not be in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. This ensures on those extra hot (or freezing cold!) days the temperature of the window remains stable across the surface. It’s a very low risk, however, we need to flag it to prevent any windows from cracking.
  • Designed as a temporary blackout solution, sheets can be installed and removed in seconds. Overlap for bigger windows and cut to size for smaller window spaces.

Here are a few things you can do to check what might be going on: 


  • If there’s any moisture in the room this can impact the static as they need dry conditions for the static to cling. This is especially relevant if the windows are getting any condensation (from air-conditioners) etc.
  • As the weather is so warm fans can also cause the film (because it’s so fine) to lift at the corners and come down. So this may be causing the change especially if they were working well for 4-5 months.  


Has the roll of blackout been stored in the carry bag when not in use? The only other thing I can think of may be that there might be something that may have come into contact that may have impacted the static charge, or they may have collected some dust etc, but it seems unlikely. 

Window Cleaner

  • We have recently discovered that some window cleaners such as Windex for example,  actually have an anti-streak ingredient, that is also anti-static! 
  • If your customer cleans her windows with a weak solution of water and vinegar then this should help to remove any previous residue and create a nice clean surface for the fresh blackout to cling to. 
  • To check if it’s the window causing the issue or the product, if your customer pops a fresh sheet onto a clean wall then it should cling no problem. If it too doesn’t cling there either hold then we know the windows are fine and it’s the blackout causing the issue. This should be a fresh sheet, not one that has been used already. If a fresh sheet doesn’t cling, then ask her to return them so I can investigate and send her a replacement.