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Designs and IP

All Baby Loves Sleep products are designed by an Australian Mum, Malou Villarreal, owner and founder. 

All products are designed with innovation and safety as the forefront of our business core values.

All products, branding (including brand name, logo and tag lines), packaging, photos and website are protected by intellectual property laws in several countries.

This includes unregistered and registered rights, including copyright, trademarks and other pending and granted patents and designs.

Trademark law considers all websites to be services and a domain name may also infringe registered and unregistered trademark rights. Copyright laws protects literary and artistic works, including our Website content, our logos, our product photographs and descriptions, our packaging and information flyers, our product fabric designs, and more.

Our intellectual property rights may be infringed in the following ways:

(a) unauthorised making, selling, offering to sell, importing or distributing of our products, packaging, labels or designs; 

(b) offering substantially identical or deceptively similar goods or services to those offered by us.

(c) unauthorised use of our branding, including our name, our logo, our tag line(s), our product name(s) and packaging, or other elements of our branding;

(d) use of a substantially identical or deceptively similar brand name, logo, tag line(s), product name(s) or packaging, or other element of branding, whether used for baby or nursery accessory products or services, or other goods or services;

(e) registering or using a substantially identical or deceptively similar domain name or retail name to our name or displaying substantially identical or deceptively similar branding to ours (whether online or physical);

If you have questions about our intellectual property, seek permission to use our intellectual property or become aware of improper use of our intellectual property please contact us immediately.

Warning IP Infringement

BABY LOVES SLEEP ensures that our loyal customers, valued distributors and retailers deal with and receive only the best quality products. We do this by producing the best quality products and by taking steps to protect our valuable intellectual property around the world.

BABY LOVES SLEEP will take legal action against any trader who infringes our patents, trade marks, designs, titles/names or copyrighted text & photographs. We will not hesitate to take legal action and seek remedies as advised by our legal team.

We urge all our loyal fans and customers who see anything that may infringe any of our designs, patents & trademarks to please contact us via email on 

We thank you for helping us to protect our Australian business.