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February 24, 2021 2 min read

Meet Aly, Mum of three gorgeous girls from Sydney who loves her kids, her camera, her cats, and movie popcorn! 

About Aly

Aly is a Primary School Teacher, turned SAHM and small business owner of Mamajags Media working as a Virtual Assistant and Social Media
Manager helping to support small businesses achieve their

"I love what I do and I am so passionate about giving back to this community." 


On Motherhood

Motherhood is the most amazing gift. It’s exhausting, exhilarating, and emotional... and I wouldn’t change it for the world, even the toughest of days. All of our babies are IVF miracles, and for that, I am especially grateful.

I thought I’d be a super patient Mum. Then we became parents to three fiery females, and all that changed!!


Most Challenging Time

Every baby came with her own set of challenges. With our first, it was learning the ropes as a new mum. With our second, it was dealing with a very high needs infant, who cried all the time. With our third, it was a diagnosis of hip dysplasia that led to terrible sleeping.


On Baby Advice

Listen to ALL that advice, but only take note of the parts that feel right to you.

Worst Advice: sleep when the baby sleeps. Doesn’t work with three kiddos!

Aly's Advice: Ask for help when you need it. Reach out, find your village, and remember that you’re not alone. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and there is very likely someone out there going through the EXACT same things as you right now. You got this, mama.


Aly's Top Baby Must-Haves

  • A rotation of sleep suits, in case of accidents - Sleepy Hugs & Hands In & Out from Baby Loves Sleep
  • A pram that reverse faces, where possible - Aly's pram is from Redsbaby
  • A Schnuggle Bath, makes life SO much easier! - Shnuggle Bath from The Stork Nest (code: MAMAJAGS)
  • A padded playmat, they are great for milestones and grow with your child too - Aly's padded playmat from Rugabub (code: MAMAJAGS10)
  • Swaddles – no such thing as too many - Aly's swaddles + baby gear from Oakie Baby (code: MAMAJAGS15)


On Discovering Baby Loves Sleep

I remember finding Baby Loves Sleep on Instagram, as I was searching the internet high and low for places that catered to Hip Dysplasia babies. I loved that there was an option for Hands in or Out, and we have been addicted ever since!

The Sleepy Hugs Original was a great transitional sleeping bag for us, but the Hands in & Out 'Cool' Summer suit has been a game changer during this hot weather. We love our Baby Loves Sleep!


Where You Will Find This Awesome Mama

Aly and her girls Amelia 13 months; Claire 4.5 years; and Georgia almost 8 years.