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April 22, 2021 4 min read

Meet Melanie, Mum of one beautiful boy, whom she calls 'E' on social media, loves spending time with her beautiful son, her partner and her family. 

About Melanie

Melanie is a self employed family portrait photographer, designer and illustrator based in Western Sydney. She started her business in 2011 and through the years has journeyed through changes both personally and professionally. Her small business is called Sunday Moon Creative offering outdoor photography sessions using available natural light only (no studio or studio lighting).

"I’m so passionate about capturing moments in time for you to treasure forever. Bothcandid and some posed. Encouraging parents to get into the photos as well so they are present in these special moments as they look back on them in years to come."

Apart from her photography business Melanie practices self care each week by doing things she enjoys, such as drawing, listening to music or audio books, reading and anything art or photography related.

On Motherhood

Motherhood has honestly been the most life changing, soul awakening journey of my life. It’s a combination of overwhelming love, emotion, tiredness, fun, pride, wonder and lots and lots of learning as you go. Especially as a first time mum. Being a mother to my beautiful son means the absolute world to me. I always thank him for choosing me to be his mother and tell him all day how much I love him.

The part of motherhood I love the most would have to be the absolutely amazing bond we share. It’s a love like I never imagined and truly something I’m thankful for every single day. No matter how exhausting or challenging the journey can be sometimes. It’s something I cannot put into words but from the moment I pulled him onto my chest, I felt this sense of calm, peace, protection and love. I will always do anything and everything to make sure my beautiful son is happy, healthy and safe.

Pre-conceived ideas 

I find people across social media often gloss over the hard parts of motherhood, so for a first time mum, some things often come as a surprise to you. Both physically and emotionally. Also the way your relationships with others change or are lost once you become a mother and your focus is on your beautiful baby. 

I was someone who always said when I had children that they wouldn’t be ones watching tv, eating take away, I’d be making their purées etc. now here I am. I have a four year old son whose favourite surprise is either a happy meal or a go bucket. His favourite once a week treat is a slushy and he loves having his cartoon time on my old phone which is now filled with kids activities, while I have a cup of tea before bed.

Most Challenging Time

I’d have to say maybe the only challenge would be transitioning from bottles to food. Being a first time mum I was always worried about E choking or not being able to process his food. 

Thankfully, E was just a peaceful and happy baby. I’m grateful he made my first experience as easy as it could’ve been and I know this most likely won’t be the case with my next baby.

On Baby Advice

Worst advice: Don’t rock him to sleep all the time. He will manipulate you with crying to get what he wants.

Best advice: If you need anything, ask for it. You have people around you who would love to help. Even if it’s just so you can do something on your own, like get some sun, watch a show in peace, have a shower on your own.

Also, there is always tomorrow. Don’t put pressure on yourself if you don’t feel like today went well. Each day is a new opportunity to have a better one.

Melanie's advice to a first-time Mum

Follow your instincts and what feels right for your baby, yourself and your family. Don’t let the opinions of others which are often put to you as “Advice”, especially when you’re having your first child.

Another would be when it comes to your body, “Your body, your rules!”. Don’t let others pressure you into doing things you aren’t comfortable with, especially when it comes to labour and giving birth.


Top Baby Must-Haves

  • A good sleeping bag collection, I called them E's "sleepy bags" - Sleepy Hugs & Hands In & Out from Baby Loves Sleep
  • A portable white noise machine called ‘MyBaby’ by HoMedics (from Catch of the Day). 
  • E loved his  Bubnest! it was amazing for when we’re out and he needed a comfy place to sleep. From the cot to the pram or on the Lounge or bed. Super easy to take with us and went well with the sleepy hugs suit. Best sleeps ever!
  • A pram that faced me. I had E in the bassinet pram attachment until he was too big for it and he was facing me in his pram for I think around a year and a half. Then I turned him around in it. I just loved being able to see his little face while we were out.


On Discovering Baby Loves Sleep

I found Baby Loves Sleep on Instagram one day as it popped up on a friends newsfeed. I had heard of sleep wraps before but never seen anything that wasn’t tight fitting as E loved to have something on him but not tightly.

The Sleepy Hugs original suit was exactly what E needed and honestly used it every single nap time and overnight sleep. When he would grow out of a size, I bought the next one. When the time came to transition his hands/arms out of the suit, Baby Loves Sleep had the perfect transitioning suit which allowed his hands to either be inside the suit and covered or I could fold the needs outwards and that allowed his hands to be free for rolling and moving himself around. Safely.

 Mel Gissing @the_blissful_mummy

Where You Will Find This Awesome Mama

As well as photographic services, Melanie also creates personalised decor
and printable colouring pages.