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November 01, 2018 2 min read

The quality of air in our homes has a huge impact on how we feel, our health and how we sleep.

Think about it: air moves more slowly in our homes, especially during cooler weather when we tend to have windows and doors shut up tightly for extended periods.  Dust, bacteria, pollen, odours and air-borne particles are trapped within our walls, forcing us to breathe them in throughout the day and night.

Recently, I was desperate to maintain my family’s health over the long winter period.  When the weather is cooler we often find that we are battling colds and other illnesses and this takes its toll on our routines, work, school and the quality of our sleep.

My search led me to a simple and effective way to cleanse and purify the air in our home - and it looks stunning too!

I purchased two Aroma Bloom ultrasonic diffusers fromSnotty Noses, another Australian mum with a small business.  This sleek little device produces a cool mist that sends negative ions into the air, clearing it of all those air-borne nasties that can negatively impact our health.  And because it is a cool mist, it is perfectly safe for children and pets - no safety issues for anyone!

Aroma Bloom, snotty noses, diffuser, ioniser, air purifier.

Since we have been consistently using the Aroma Bloom, we are sleeping more soundly, are more relaxed and have a good general state of wellbeing.  And we haven’t experienced the usual ongoing winter colds and flu - that’s a huge plus! You can even add a few drops of essential oil to the Aroma Bloom to help promote good sleep and maintain positive moods - always a good thing in a busy household!  

We love our Aroma Blooms and we make sure we have them going in our home every night.  A good night’s sleep is far too precious to compromise on!

Snotty Noses have a range of innovative products that support good health and good sleep, so I highly recommend you check them out to ensure you get the sleep you need for everything you do in your day!

Head over toSnotty Noses to get $10 off an Aroma Bloom when you sign up!