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Koala Hugs Summer Newborn Swaddle Wrap - Candy Pink

Embrace summer nights with our clever newborn swaddle for long, restful sleep.

Made from soft breathable organic cotton and designed with tiny air holes for maximum breathability, it's the ultimate upgrade from the traditional muslin swaddle. This swaddle wrap features genius built-in arm pockets that cocoons baby's arms, calms the startle reflex, and prevents wriggly escapes. It's a swaddle wrap that is truly houdini-proof.

The Koala Hugs is a clever reinvention of the traditional square swaddle blanket based on a method of baby wrapping used by many midwives and maternity hospitals. 

As new parents, we are faced with so much new things to learn about how to care for our new baby and ourselves. If there's one thing we can help you with, it's making sure you and your baby get a good start with good sleep.  

Important Safety Point: Koala Hugs is recommended for babies from birth. Babies should no longer be swaddled once they show signs of starting to roll or when swaddling is no longer effective.

  • Provides the secure, womb-like sensation that new babies love to help them relax into a deep and restful sleep.
  • Gives your baby a long and restful sleep that they need for healthy growth and development.
  • Guarantees a perfect and inescapable wrap every time.
  • Removes the guesswork of complicated baby wrapping, great for new parents and caregivers.
  • Removes the need for tight wrapping that can do more harm to your baby's physical development.
  • Offers flexible ways of wrapping - arms across chest, arms up or down.
  • made from soft, breathable ultra light organic cotton with tiny air holes for maximum air flow for ultimate breathability.
  • genius built in arm pockets that gently cocoon your baby’s arms to continuously calm their startle reflex and keep wriggly hands from escaping the swaddle while they sleep
  • Generously sized (120cm x 120cm) for a hip-friendly comfortable wrap and accommodates a hip dysplasia hip brace, rhino brace or spica cast

This 'Cool' range is made of a soft, light mesh fabric to encourage air circulation around your baby, keeping their body temperature cool and constant.  

TOG RATED FOR SUMMER | 0.4 TOG - suitable for extreme hot Summer temperatures (for room temps above 23Cº).

For more information about our TOG ratings visit our TOG RATING page


Fabric: 93% Organic Cotton, 7% Elastane

We use only high grade premium organic cotton fabrics in all our products. Cotton is a naturally breathable material so babies won't sweat or overheat and suitable for eczema. 

Care Instructions: Cold Machine wash. Wash dark colours separately. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry, unless using a heat pump dryer. Dry flat. Warm iron inside out. Do not dry clean.


Important Safety Point: Babies should no longer be swaddled once they show signs of starting to roll or when swaddling is no longer effective.

All Baby Loves Sleep products conforms to AS/NZS 1249:2014 and carry the INPAA tick of approval. INPAA operates in close conjunction with groups such as Red Nose Australia, Kidsafe and the Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative (ACRI).

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Visit our Guide to understanding the fire warning labelling requirements as prescribed by the AS/NZS 1249:2014 for more information.

Mum Central 2024 Best Sleepwear Award
Mum Central Nominee 2024 Best Sleepwear Award
Endorsed by INPAA (Baby Safety Australia)
INPAA Baby Safety Month Safety Ambassador
Mom's Choice Awards 2022
Baby Maternity Magazine Top Choice Award 2021
Australian Mother & Baby Magazine Awards Bronze 2018