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5. Establish a bedtime routine
Establishing a good bedtime routine right from day one is a great way to help your baby organise days and nights and start to consolidate night sleep more quickly.
Start your bed routine with a bath. This is a different experience to anything else that occurs during the day, and your newborn will soon learn that a bath means bedtime is near.
Once in bed turn on your Aroma Snoozewith some sleep promoting lavender oil. Read your little one a book, cuddle/feed, wrap them in their swaddle or put them into their sleepsuit, then bed.

Aroma Snooze 6-in-1 sleep aid humidifier diffuser
– this is a game changer!

It's a humidifier vaporiser and cool mist diffuser that purifies the air at the same time. It has changing lights including red light which assists melatonin production, it plays white and pink noise, heartbeat sounds and lullabies, and a voice recorder so you can record your own loving words that is familiar to your little one. 

some things to know for your sanity:
It's completely normal for newborns to wake frequently.
Take things one day at a time.
Follow your instincts because this is something we Mamas have - and trust it.
When in doubt, don't be afraid to reach out for help.

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