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Benefits of the Safe-Air Purifier


  • REDUCES ALLERGY SYMPTONS: We all know someone who suffers from debilitating allergies. The Safe Air Purifier is the perfect solution to remove dust and pollen from the air
  • MANAGE ASTHMA SYMPTOMS: 1 in 12 people suffer from asthma, and to many it is a serious condition.
  • IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY: Remove allergens such as dust and mold that can cause breathing issues such as snoring, sinus issues and a stuffy nose.
  • STOPS AIRBORNE ILLNESSES: Viruses and bacteria travel through the air. Your immune system will support you, though it is imperative to remove harmful illnesses from the air.



Why every home should have a Safe-Air Purifier:

Safe-air Purifier  100% SAFETY AIR DISINFECTANT
Lively Living’s Safe-Air Purifier, with innovative micro-electrolysis sterilization technology will oxidize and decompose the amino acids of bacteria and pathogens in the air, then inhibit their growth and reproduction. The humidifier electrolyze water into -OH, [O], H +, OH- and other strong oxidizing sterilization ions. It reduces to water molecules without any chemical residues or pungent smell after sterilizing.

The air sterilization function will quickly improve the air quality, & improve your breathing comfort, assisting sleeping, nasal congestion & dry skin. In addition, the Safe-Air Purifer  will help reduce coughs & sinus issues.


To Operate: Firstly press the bottom power button ön. You then have the choice to press either the top Sterilization Button, to commence the 2 hour sterilization function, or press the middle button for the longer ultrasonic humidifier function.

The Safe-Air Purifier automatic 2 hour sterilization mode, will automatically switch off after 2 hours.
The ultrasonic humidifier automatically shuts off when the water is depleted for your peace of mind.

With the press of a button the 2 hour sterilisation cycle is started. Once the two hour  cycle is completed, you can choose to continue the  safe-air purifier in humidifier mode.

Safe-air Purifier SLEEP EASY
Nearly silent when running at just 26dB, it’s perfect for a restful nights sleep adding moisture to the air and assisting breathing.

Safe-air Purifier THE SCIENCE
Converting water (H2O) into -OH, [O], H +, OH- and other oxidising sterilisation ions to destroy the DNA / RNA of harmful germs. After this sterilisation process, it is reduced to neutral water molecules and is gentle on the skin and body. 

Safe-air Purifier

What is electrolysed water?

Electrolyzed water is a simple technology that’s been in the industrial space for 50+ years, used for applications including green cleaning & disinfecting, produce preservation, dental, wound healing, eye care and veterinary care products.

It is a non-toxic liquid that eliminates germs and bacteria and does not effect the natural human body processes.
Electrolised Water is a gentle substance that does not have any harmful elements. You can use it for just about anything without worrying about toxic traces or chemical films.After a period of time electrolysed water breaks back down into normal water.

The Manufacturer

Lively Livings world leading manufacturing partner ”Ultransmit” bring this simple but powerful EOW technology into the home environment via the Safe-Air Purifier.

Ultransmit are world leading, award winning,  pioneering manufacturers whom were the world  first to introduce Ultrasonic Technology  in aromatherapy diffusers, which are now widely used in homes globally!  With the growing demand and crucial need to keep the air you breathe as clean and pure as possible, the new Safe-Air Purifer with EOW technology has been developed, and is a must for every home.

Safe-air Purifier

Just add water!

The Safe-Air Purifier does not use filters, solutions or tablets, just add water and you’re ready to go!

The water tank holds 1.8L capacity ( or 2L if including the water in the atomizing chamber).

Safe-air Purifier

Humidifier Mode

You may choose to only use the humidifier function at any time. Maintaining humidity using the Safe-Air Purifier’s humidifier function, helps prevents throat and skin disorders due to dryness and bacteria.
The Safe-Air Purifier emits an ultra-fine mist that easily evaporates naturally without creating dampness.  There are 3 levels of output to choose from – High, Medium and low mist output.

Safe-air Purifier

Cool mist technology

The water is vaporised using ultrasonic technology which does not use heat. Keeping your family safe including children and pets.

Safe-air Purifier

Large 2L capacity

The large 1.8L water capacity will allow the humidifier mode to run for 6-20 hours, (depending on the selected mist output mode).

Safe-air Purifier

Add Essential Oils

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the oil tray (on the lower outside of the unit),  to infuse the air with your favorite aroma and enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy.

Safe-air Purifier

Safe-air Purifier

Easy To Clean

Top-Fill Humidifier with a wide opening makes it a breeze to refill or thoroughly clean the empty tank with a wet cloth.

Safe-air Purifier

Safe-air Purifier

Safe-air Purifier

Safe-air Purifier

Safe-air Purifier