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Benefits of Using the Aroma Haven


Does air temperature effect humidity levels ?

Air temperature has a major effect on humidity levels. Cold air holds much less water than warmer air. This is why humidifiers are so popular during the cooler seasons.

Since cold air holds less moisture, the water in our bodies evaporates more quickly, resulting in chapped lips and dry skin.

When you use  your home’s heaters to battle the cold weather outside, the heaters pull in the outdoor air and warms it. However,  since that outdoor air is cold, it’s also very dry. When your heater blows it into your house as hot air, it’s still the same dry air.  It’s no surprise that dry air symptoms seem to become especially noticeable during the cold season.


Advantages of using the Aroma-Haven Humidifier Diffuser

  • Reduced Dry Skin Symptoms

Dry air causes water to evaporate from your skin more quickly, so using the Aroma-Haven  humidifier can help prevent dry skin symptoms like  itchiness and dry and  flaky skin.

  • Relieve Sore Throat and Cold Symptoms

Your or your families  throat can stay better moisturized when the relative humidity level is higher and at the right level.  Using the Aroma-Haven  Humidifier can help prevent scratchy sore  throats and reduce cough symptoms.

  • Reduce Risk Of A Bloody Nose

Dry air can cause nose bleeds and sinus irritations. Allowing the right amount of moisture to be released into the atmosphere will improve general well- being.

  • Diffuse Essential Oils

Whilst we have a large and popular range of  diffusers to disperse essential oils via a cool mist, the Aroma-Haven has the advantage of being about to humidify the air, whilst still adding essential oil to the water. Thank you for understanding that the oil will be greatly diluted in the large water reservoire and that even with a large mist out put covering a large area, you will not necessarily walk into your home and smell essential oils through out your home, though you will be breathing in the vapor and benefit from the science of aromatherapy,

  • RED LED Light to Support Sleep.

The Aroma-Haven has a red LED light for maximum melatonin production to support sleep. The Red light glows through the thin strip at the base of the lid, and projects enough red light to support sleep and see around a room easily, especially if you are nursing a baby or young child.