ENDORSEMENT by: Dr Kerry Crockett, Chiropractor - specialising in pediatrics

Ample research has been done on the benefits of wrapping babies to mimic the security of the womb, however from a Chiropractic perspective, we have found that conventional wrapping isn’t the best way to go about this.

Firmly wrapping a baby with their arms by their sides affects the natural posture of a baby, which is to have their arms up by their face. Although research has yet to be done to determine the effect that this has on the development of their shoulder joints, clinically we have repeatedly seen babies that are wrapped for sleep presenting to the clinic with shoulder subluxations as they fight to free themselves from the wrap.

The Sleepy Hugs sleep suit however does not have this problem. This sleep suit allows your baby to have all of the comforts of womb life, preventing startling themselves awake and also keeping them covered as they get older and kick their covers off on colder nights, while allowing them to be in the natural posture of a sleeping baby with their arms up and hands close to their faces.

There are many designs of swaddles on the market, but the Sleepy Hugs sleep suit in our opinion has been carefully designed to keep your baby safe, while still offering all of the benefits of helping baby to sleep.We highly recommend Sleepy Hugs sleep suits to all families who value sleep and healthy development of their precious babies. 

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