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We Love Our Friends!

Friends are about love and support and we have friends that really know their stuff when it comes to baby sleep!  And because we want you to have access to only the very best, we want to share with you some of our friends.

If you're needing a bit of help, our friends would only be too happy to help.  Feel free to call them to have chat and please make sure you tell them how you found them.

Mother In Touch Sleep Consultant

Leanne Trevor

Leanne Trevor is a Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant, Midwife and Registered Nurse, with over 25 years experience in the medical field.

Becoming a baby sleep consultant came naturally to Leanne, with my many years’ experience as a midwife and registered nurse she has developed an approach that combines scientific research with a compassionate understanding of your child’s needs.

With endless information available on sleep solutions it's easy to get overwhelmed, and being exhausted doesn’t make it easier. It’s so important to trust your sleep consultant and know that you are receiving advice that suits your individual needs. 

As a mother of 2 children Leanne understands the desire to want what’s best for your children, and how hard it can be to achieve this when sleep deprived and exhausted. Leanne also understand the effects of a non-sleeping baby and how this issue can lead to wider implications for the entire family. 

To find out more about Leanne's programs please visit the links below: 



The Sleep Dept Sleep Consultant

Erika Lamour

Erika has been working in childcare for nearly a decade. She’s worked with Newborns, Toddlers, Special Needs, Multiples… and everything in between. Her curiosity in guiding babies to sleep began in 2012, and she quickly read every book she could get her hands on. She then completed qualified training courses in various sleep training techniques. Over the years, she would help out friends and families, before she took her growing passion and turned it into The Sleep Dept.

Erika has created her own gentle techniques that have had a 100% success rate. There is no better feeling than supporting families to not only find a solution to their families sleep issues, but one that they also feel comfortable with.

Erika is based in Sydney, but regularly travels interstate to work with families all over Australia. She also works remotely with many international clients.

Contact Erika
Tel: +61 4 22 969 946

Sleep Play Love - Sophie Acott

Shae Cox

Shae Cox is a mother of three young children, who she describes as “her world”. “Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs on the planet, but also the most rewarding. Watching my children grow and develop into beautiful little individuals, all with their own hopes and dreams is the most rewarding and gratifying job I have ever done”.

Often dubbed “the baby whisperer by family, friends, and colleagues, she is known well for her ability to settle the most unsettled babies, and relax and rebalance a child who is having the “mother of all tantrums!”

Shae is down-to-earth and takes a compassionate, empathetic and understanding approach throughout both her personal and professional relationships.“One of Shae’s greatest strengths is her ability to tell people the things they need to hear in a non-judgemental and inspiring way. Never one to shy away from challenging and encouraging others – combined with her extensive knowledge and education – makes her an excellent consultant”.

 With a core focus on emotional wellbeing and nurturing the parent-child connection, Shae understands that there is no singular approach when targeting sleep routines. A skilled listener, Shae holds the utmost consideration for your family’s unique needs and circumstances. She will work with you to personalise a plan specific to your lifestyle, family environment, parenting style and goals; equipping you with the essential foundations for sustainable and healthy long-term sleep patterns.

 “The ability to teach a child to sleep, and then see the ongoing benefits for the whole family gives me a stronger passion to continue to do what I love every day!”

Shae is based in Melbourne, Australia.


Sleep Right Tonight Sleep Consultant

Richelle Franklin

Richelle is a mother of two young children and carries a Bachelor of Nursing and a Post Graduate Diploma in Midwifery. For over 14 years, Richelle has worked as a Midwife in both Public and Private Hospitals. Her experiences include working in all areas; Birthing Suites, Post Natal Services and Special Care Nursery.

Richelle made it her ambition to help other families achieve that feeling of a great night’s sleep. With so much growth and learning in the first years of life and the new challenges that each day presents, a personalised routine and sleep plan can make your life so much more manageable!

Richelle uses the proven, gentle methods of the Sleep Sense Program to teach your baby/toddler to self settle and sleep through the night. At no time would she ever advise you to put your baby to bed and let them ‘cry it out’. Her packages include in-home consultations, email and telephone support, and overnight in-home stays. I customise my packages to suit the needs of your family.

Contact Richelle on 0473 186 682


Life Balance Adjustments

Dr Kerry Crockett, Chiropractor
(with special interest in paediatrics)

Dr Kez Crockett, is a qualified Chiropractor and mother of 4 children, who has devoted her career to assisting families to achieve health and harmony for over 17 years.

For so many families Chiropractic is a last resort for their unsettled baby, after going to the doctor and being told that their child has silent reflux or colic, or more frustratingly, that there is nothing wrong.

A baby that is not sleeping well (cat napping, unable to self-settle, or unable to remain asleep), arching their back, sleeping with their bottom in the air, holding their head to one side, excessive crying, having feeding difficulties, crying when not being held, or when placed on the floor for play time or tummy time, or when placed in their car seat, or even not reaching their developmental milestones may well have discomfort stemming from a subluxation in their spines or tiny joints. Let’s face it, the birth process is quite physically demanding on both Mum and Bub!

At Life Balance Adjustments, Dr Kez will do a thorough assessment of your little one’s physical body and inform you of the findings and how these areas can be treated. Please rest assured that our treatments are all extremely gentle and highly effective, in fact the most pressure that would ever be used in the treatment of an infant is as much pressure as you can handle on your closed eyeball.

The benefits of having your precious children treated by a Chiropractor that focuses on children, is far reaching, from eliminating their discomfort, through enhancing your child’s immune system, all the way through to ensuring that they are developing to their body’s best ability.

One of the other great benefit of Chiropractic care for newborns infants and children is just how quickly their issues resolve and how infrequently they require adjustments to keep their bodies function to their fullest potential. Once your child’s spine has been adjusted, it is amazing how quickly your family harmony will be restored, especially when using appropriate baby loves sleep suit.