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We have a relaxed, supportive and active community of like-minded parents ready to welcome you in our Facebook group, Sleep with Love. You can chat with parents around the world to share your thoughts, have a laugh and find innovative solutions to many different child development issues. Come and join us HERE.

Sleep experts


Come and meet our panel of experts who are ready to answer your questions in Sleep With Love:
Sophie Acott from Sleep Play Love: sleep consultant and parenting coach
She Cox from Sleep Play Love: Sleep consultant
Deb Hepplewhite from Baby Slumberland: infant and child sleep consultant
Michelle Franklin from Sleep Right Tonight: baby and child sleep consultant and midwife
Dr Kez Crockett from Life Balance Adjustments: chiropractor, specialising in paediatrics and hypnobirthing
Jenelle McDonald from Jigsaw Psychology: developmental psychologist, helping mums with antenatal and PND, parenting issues and more

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