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What Mums are saying!

At 7 months my baby was impossible to transition out of his swaddle. A friend suggested Sleepy Hugs and we haven't looked back.  It's amazing! Pat loves his Sleepy Hugs.
Erica Jade Bell


One of the biggest differences I find in your sleep suit versus the others is that breastfeeding is a lot easier, as a baby can still wrap their body around you and maintain a more natural position. Wish it had been around for my other two kiddies! Thanks again for a great product!

Bronwyn Spencer


I purchased the Koala Hugs swaddle. My 11 week old is an escape artist in the best wrapped swaddle. First night with the Koala Hugs and he slept 10 hours! If only I had this from the time we brought him home.

Sandra Gomes


The Sleepy Hugs is AMAZING! My 7 month old is sleeping so much better. I had tried transitioning her with one arm out but she kept waking during the night. She can roll in the new sleep suit and still feel secure. I love your product and have recommended them to my mothers group and friends, will be purchasing another in a few weeks!

Vanessa Dunne


My third baby boy, Lennox arrived today. He's been sleeping soundly wrapped up in his Koala Hugs for hours and hours while all the other babies in the ward cry. Midwives are commenting on the beautiful pattern and we just love it so far. 

Carlie Breedon