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Bunny Hugs Baby Comforter - Peach Pink


Meet BUNNY HUGS the Giving Comforter

Our Bunny Hugs comforter gives hugs and comfort and so much more! 

Bunny Hugs is a soft bunny doll that will soon become your little one's best friend. Perfect for little play time adventures and perfect for cuddling come sleepy time. 

Made from our soft organic cotton fabrics, our Bunny Hugs comforter is suitable to introduce as a comforting aid for baby's from newborn. The soft arms and ears are the perfect size for tiny hands to grasp - great for developing grasping skills. The leg ties can be knotted to hold a dummy or for chewing/soothing.

Comforter approximate measurements: 28cm from head to longest part of base (excluding the bunny ears which measures 8cm and leg ties which measures 15cm).

Available colours: Peach Pink and Cool Grey.
Note: various prints on the front body of the comforter.

Our Zero Waste Initiative - Giving Back and Saving the Planet

Our Bunny Hugs comforters and dolls are made as part of our Zero Waste initiative in collaboration with our Indian producer to not only save our mother planet, but also our way of giving back.

Each Bunny Hugs comforter is carefully handmade using left over cuttings from our much loved baby swaddles, sleep bags and toddler onesie suits.

Each one is unique and variations between them is what makes them special.

Each one that is produced provides a donation towards less fortunate children to help them have a better future by supporting their nutritional and educational needs.

By purchasing a Bunny Hugs comforter you can feel good knowing that you helped a child in need.

Thank you!  May the good karma of this world come back to you many times over!