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September 28, 2021 3 min read

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Your baby is a whole year old and you have made it through relatively unscathed – big celebrations all round! You have survived one or more sleep regressions during your baby’s first year, so you’re much better prepared to tackle them as they hit.

12 months is a fairly common time to experience a change in sleep routine, though some babies actually experience this regression before their first birthday. Just when you might have been given a taste test of what sleeping through the night looks like, you’re right back where you were a few short months ago.

The first sign of the 12 month sleep regression can actually happen in the daytime.

Your little one may suddenly refuse one or both of their naps, and you may be confused about whether it is time to drop down to a single snooze each day. In actual fact, most babies are not ready to drop to a single nap schedule until they are 15-18 months old. Of course, each baby is different and you know your baby the best, so always stick with what feels right for your family.

One year olds are picking up new skills on a daily basis, and they may even be taking their first steps or saying their first words. All of these endeavours take up lots of energy, so be careful not to let your baby become over-tired. This will make sleep times all the more difficult!

Did you know that babies can also experience night terrors? You may find yourself woken in the middle of the night to a very distressed toddler – it is not uncommon for those busy little brains and big imaginations to result in a very restless (and sometimes scary) sleep.

If in doubt:

  • Offer comfort whenever needed
  • Whatever your usual schedule may be, STICK TO IT, even in the midst of a regression
  • Don’t let your baby nap too close to bedtime. They need a good amount of active time before it is time to wind down again and prepare for longer stretches of sleep
  • Keep consistent. This too shall pass!
  • Stick to the safe sleeping guidelines and ensure your baby’s sleep environment is secure

Now that your baby is learning to stand, cruise, take first steps or walk, it’s time to find a sleeping solution that works for their age. The Cozy Toddler Suit is ideal for little ones from 1-3 years of age. It features a leg zipper for easy nappy changes, and clever fold over cuffs on the hands and feet so your toddler can safely stand and play with their feet out, as well as stay snuggly warm all night when they are folded closed. Genius!

Sleep regressions are always challenging, and the 12 month one is no exception. Remember to lean on your family/friends for support, and reach out if you need advice or assistance. A positive thing to focus on is that your tiny baby is now well and truly on his/her way to becoming a toddler, and there are so many fun and exciting things to look forward to.

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