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Dressing Your Baby for Sleep

How to dress your baby with our TOG rated sleep bags

It's important to use the TOG rating and suggested clothing only as a general guide. 

Just like adults feel the temperature differently, your baby will too. For example, you might be fine with a jumper in 16°C degrees weather whereas someone else might be bundled up in a jacket on top of a jumper. 

What is a TOG? Guide to dressing your baby for sleep

Your baby is your best gauge

Always check your baby regularly to ensure they do not overheat or are too cold.

Watch how your baby reacts to different TOG ratings to ensure your baby is warm or cool enough for sleeping. Here are some things to watch out for when dressing your baby for sleep: 

  •  Watch for signs of overheating: If your baby has damp hair, sweaty backs and chest, red ears, fevers, your baby may be too hot and needs to be dressed down. Take off a layer or use a sleep bag with a lower TOG rating.
  •  Frequent wake-ups: If your baby is waking up crying or fussing, it may be a sign that your baby may be too hot or cold, or it may be due to other developmental reasons (i.e. teething, growth spurt, dropping naps, etc). If your baby feels cold to the touch (back of the neck or chest/back) then add a layer or put on a higher TOG rating sleeping bag. 


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